RusProfiling at PAN



Author profiling consists of predicting an author’s demographics (e.g. age, gender, personality) from his/her writing, with gender identification being the most popular task (Rangel et al., 2013; Celli et al., 2014; Rangel et al., 2015; Litvinova et al. 2016a; Litvinova et al. 2016b, Rangel et al., 2016;  Sboev et al. 2016a; Sboev et al. 2016b). Slavic languages, however, are less investigated from author profiling standpoint and have never been presented at PAN.

This year we introduce a PAN shared task on Cross-genre Gender Identification in Russian texts where we will provide as training dataset tweets and as test dataset tweets, Facebook posts, as well as reviews, texts describing images, or letters to a friend.


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