Interview Projects

I. Bilinguals

As someone finding myself working mostly with a language rather than my own, I have always wondered how mastering a new language influences our personalities and lives overall. In this series I will be meeting people who have more than one language as part of their linguistic landscape. I am now in the USA where one cannot fail to come across a lot of individuals who are not monolingual. It is of no importance whether they were born in bilingual homes or had to or chose to embark on learning a new language and thus embrace various changes this decision might eventually make in their professional, social or personal lives. For most people these days it is English that becomes a language that brings about these sometimes crucial change making us molecules in the buzzing international scene. As you are watching them speak, I urge you to listen to their beautiful accents and the way they go about using English. Do all these people change the way English is spoken around the world as well? Can one or should one aspire to sound and speak like a native? Does a particular language one is speaking change the way one is? How do we express our bilingual selves and do we at all? I will be sharing these people sharing their stories and making them part of my own. English, thank you so very much for making these conversations possible. Bilinguals rule! Happy watching!


II. SCIENCErely Yours

Welcome to SCIENCErely Yours where we’ll be bringing you interviews with people who chose to pursue a career in science. As you know, all of us here at RusProfiling Lab are working hard to investigate what we hope is interesting to anyone from all walks of life, no matter what their age and nationality, etc.

So what is actually science? Does it really always have to be boring? Through the course of our programs we want to introduce you all to what scientists do and show that they do not have to be isolated introverts working the nights away making their articles as difficult as possible by using lots of complex terms. Actually, you don’t have to be very good at personality profiling to know that they can be very social and enthusiastic individuals as they attend conferences and exchange ideas to change the world and make it a more comfortable, interesting and inspiring place to live. Our main objective (sorry for a bit of the science talk here 😉 ) is for you to see humans in scientists and a very intense breath of life in what they do. This is what we here at our Lab see science is about.

Hopefully you will be able to feel that too as there will be more and more editions where we’ll be meeting scientists collaborating with our Lab or colleagues walking in relevant fields that we will be meeting during conferences (which are never boring of course 😆 ) or any individual who is dedicated to any kind of investigation and research and willing to share their story with all of us.