Apoorva (India)

I met Apoorva, an impersonation of the Bollywood beauty, during the Fulbright orientation event in Miami and was really amazed by how charming she was from outside and inside. She comes from India where English has a special status with about a third of the population being able to speak English at some level producing more English speakers than there are in English-speaking countries combined. When we met again in Central Park in New York City, she was kind enough to share the story of her relationship with English for my first ever video in this series, her anxieties about learning it, the way she could even be punished for not using her native language at school. She even had to use it outside the classroom but inside her own country. Throughout her academic life, she has had a chance to live and study in different countries where she had to use English to communicate and of course, as everyone embarking on building international bridges, she has had some difficulties emerge on her way. I couldn’t help but notice how creative she is while using English embellishing her speech with idioms. She has had some experience being on TV in her home country (I wish I could understand her first language) and that really shows in this video. I am sure Apoorva is a wonderful and charming person no matter what language she communicates in. Now this smart girl is here in the USA studying Education at Columbia University. She also shared some tips about how to feel confident about learning and using English to make our lives more engaging and interesting to live. Let us delve ourselves into her beauty and her beautiful English. Enjoy!