RusNeuroPsych Corpus


One of the most important neuropsychological characteristics reflecting individual differences in the joint operation of the human brain hemispheres (asymmetry) is the individual profile of lateral organization of brain functions (LOBF) (Khomskaya 1997). It is considered the foundation for the typology of individual differences of the mental condition of healthy individuals as part of a study in neuropsychology of individual differences.

It was shown individual profile of the lateral organization of brain functions can manifest itself at the level of creating a text ( but this problem is understudied.

This collection contains Russian written texts with metadata on the individual profile of the lateral organization of brain functions (motor, sensory, cognitive) of their authors. To the best our knowledge, this is a first corpus which contains metadata of this type.

RusNeuroPsych corpus contains metadata in the form of information about their authors: year of birth, gender, native language, education, the results of psychological testing and survey for identifying their motor, sensory and cognitive lateral profiles using the most indicative and simple tests (see Sirotyuk 2003, Semago 2005, Balonov 1985).

Each text was written in the presence of the experimenter. Topics of the texts are letter to a friend (a) and description of a picture (б). Each respondent wrote one or two texts (coded as “а” and “б” after author ID in text file name).

The collection is divided into two parts: “Children” (texts written by school children aged from 12 to 17) and “Adult” (texts written by peoples from 18 to 35, mostly students).

Subcorpus “Children” contains 252 texts by 246 respondents as well as gender, year of birth, LBOF data, scores on Test on mental states used for measuring levels of aggressiveness, anxiety, rigidity, frustration.

Subcorpus “Adults” contains 392 texts by 209 peoples as well as rich metadata: the anonymised id of the subject, gender, year of birth, education, Big 5 scores, LBOF data, scores on HADS test.

All respondents are Russian native speakers.

This research collection is reported in the paper Tatiana Litvinova, Ekaterina Ryzhkova, Olga Litvinova “Features of Written Texts of People with Different Profiles of the Lateral Brain Organization of Functions (on the Basis of RusNeuroPsych Corpus)”, In Proceedings of 7 th Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, ExLing 2016, International Speech Communication Association, 27 June – 2 July 2016, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Any scientific publication derived from the use of this collection should explicitly refer to this ExLing 2016 paper.

The study is financially supported by the grant of RFBR “Linguistic Parameters of a Written Text and Neuropsychological Characteristics of its Author: A Corpus Study”, project number 16-36-00036.