Submission Procedure


We ask you to prepare your software so that it can be executed via command line calls. You can choose freely among the available programming languages and among the operating systems Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu.

You can submit your runs by sending the generated files to (Francisco Rangel) with your full name.

In order to allow you to investigate different approaches to the task you are welcome to submit several runs (up to 5). 

Your working notes must follow ACM SIGIR style:


Note: By submitting your software you retain full copyrights. You agree to grant us usage rights only for the purpose of the FIRE competition. We agree not to share your software with a third party or use it for other purposes than the FIRE competition.


Dear participants, 
Please note that you should send a file per folder with its name encoded as:  teamname.folderid.txt.
Inside the file, the prediction as follows:  authorid,prediction. Authorid corresponds with the name of each file in each folder.

Please, let us know if you have some doubts